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The accompanying music video premiered on 4 December 2012 through the group's VEVO account and was directed by Paul Caslin. Opening with a drop of liquid, the video consists mostly of beauty shots from each member until they join each other on a living room with nothing but a couch.
Cheryl Ann Cole is an English recording artist, songwriter, dancer and model. She rose to fame in late 2002 when she auditioned for the reality television show 'Popstars: The Rivals' on ITV. Cole embarked on a solo career and released her first solo studio album 3 Words (2009) through Polydor records, “3 Words” saw the release of three successful singles. (more informations...)
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Cheryl Cole L’Oreal Paris Go Louder Feria Advert

The wait is over! Check out Cheryl’s new L’Oreal Paris Go Louder Feria advert. This is probably our favorite L’Oreal Paris campaign to date. We love it. I’ve also added 147 high quality screencaptures to the gallery. Check them out below.

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New Feria Hair Colour by L’Oreal Paris Behind the Scenes featuring Cheryl Cole

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Cheryl for L’Oreal Paris Go Louder Feria Teaser

Cheryl has uploaded to her Instagram page a teaser for her new L’Oreal Paris Go Louder Feria campaign. The full video will be available online tomorrow and will air on television April 21st. Check out the preview below. Cheryl looks amazing. Stay tuned for the full video.

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Cheryl Cole for L’Oreal Paris Feria Go Louder Campaign

I’ve added to the gallery 5 high and medium quality photos of Cheryl from her new L’Oreal Paris Feria Go Louder campaign shot by Rankin. The campaign is expected to air for the first time on April 21st. We can’t wait to see the video. Check out the photos below, she looks amazing!!

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HELLO! Magazine: ‘Blondes Do Have More Fun’

When Cheryl Cole posed with Simon Cowell for the first time since news of her X Factor return, the headlines were not only about her decision to reunite with the music mogul, but also about her stunning blonde hair.

Now, the 30-year old singer talks for the fist time about her new look. “The thing I love about being a blonde is that you feel that you can have more fun,” she says. “There’s that famous quote, ‘Blondes have more fun,” and I think they do.”

Talking exclusively on the set of her new L’Oreal Paris campaign, she adds: I never stop playing with hair colour, it’s something I enjoy and love doing, even if its going lighter for summer. I am feeling pastel colours at the moment and being a blonde I can do more, so it should be fun.

The former Girls Aloud singer certainly knows how to turn heads and last week she was sharing her tips for getting people to sit up and take notice at the X Factor auditions. As she prepared for the biggest ever audition tour, which started on Saturday, she said: “If you do something original or a good remix or something that makes people sit up and listen, that’s a good start. So go and do some research, find some unique ways of singing songs we’re already aware of.”

For the first time, Cheryl has fused her own love of performing with her role as the face of the L’Oreal brand in the upcoming ads, which launch later this month. “It’s always something I wanted to do, to combine the performing side of what I do with L’Oreal Paris. When I’m performing, I need my style to stay in place so everything just seemed to make sense that we married the two,” she says as HELLO! was given a sneak preview.

She chose the song Pretty Girl by Stockholm Syndrome for the new Feria Go Louder ad because: “It can be anything; it can be Emo, Goth, Pretty Girl, can be cool. It doesn’t matter what type of person you are – you can always dye your hair whichever way you like.”

Cheryl worked closely with Grammy-winning director Jonas Akerlund when choosing the music and choreography, which is based around a “dance off” between her new loud hair shade and the volume of the track. With the Fight For This Love singer’s past successes, our money’s on her.

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Cheryl Cole Teams Up With Nicola Roberts for New Album

cheryl nicola new album

Cheryl Cole’s pal Nicola Roberts has been busy writing new songs for the gorgeous Geordie’s fourth solo album. Chezza’s Girls Aloud bandmate took to Twitter to tell her followers that she’s “loved” penning tunes for Cole – admitting that at times, it was hard to write for her BFF.

The red-haired babe wrote: “I have loved writing for Cheryl! So much fun! Sometimes a heavy heart has come, being a best friend & writing from that perspective for her.” Roberts added: “Can’t wait for you to hear her new music.”

Cheryl herself seemed more than pleased by Nicola’s efforts, later tweeting:

“@NicolaRoberts is like a little volcano just bubbling away waiting to erupt with hits! #watchthisspace #mygirl #soproud she’s got me like (crying face).”

The Call My Name singer is also thought to have worked with Eminem songwriter Jon Bellion on her new LP, with Joel Compass confirming to MTV News UK that he’s also produced songs for Cole.


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[MUSIC NEWS] Joel Compass Working With Cheryl Cole On Her New Album

Joel Compass may have denied reports suggesting he’s dating Cheryl Cole – but the singer has confirmed exclusively to MTV News UK that he IS making sweet music with the Geordie babe. As well as being an artist is in his own right, Compass is also a keen producer, with the Forgive Me singer revealing to our presenter Becca Dudley that Chezza has recruited him to work on her fourth solo album. Joel said:

“I’m doing some stuff for Cheryl’s album… Basically, she played me a few things, just the stuff I haven’t heard her do before. It was wicked to hear her kinda doing that and it was kinda soulful. She’s been working with some really good people and I heard it and I was like, I think I can definitely do something for it.”

When asked whether he will be singing on Cole’s new LP, Compass revealed he will be “producing more so“, adding that fans can hear more from himself and the 30-year old beauty “when her album drops” in the very near future.

As for THAT snap of Cheryl puckering up for a kiss with Joel, which Chezza’s Girls Aloud bandmate Nicola Roberts posted on Instagram, the 20-year old believes the whole thing was “blown out of proportion”.

He went on to explain that he wasn’t surprised by the media reaction to the snap, stating: “It’s gonna happen, do you know what I mean like… That’s what it’s all about I guess. But err there’s nothing really to it… We’re just friends. We still hang out.”

Seeing as Cheryl has been in the music industry for over a decade, Joel revealed that the best piece of advice the Call My Name singer has given him is to “pick your battles“.

The MTV Brand New For 2014 nominee went on to praise Chezza, stating:”She’s just kind of level headed, down to earth and like chilled. That’s enough in itself, do you know what I mean.”


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Cheryl Arriving at the Airport in Cape Town

We added to the gallery 11 high quality photos of Cheryl arriving at the airport in Cape Town on March 24th. Check out the photos below. Cheryl looks so beautiful.

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Cheryl in Cape Town

I’ve added to the gallery 8 high quality photos of Cheryl in Cape Town, South Africa yesterday. Be sure to check out the photos below. Cheryl looks absolutely beautiful.

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Cheryl Cole Talks About Malaria for Sports Relief

Earlier this week, Cheryl filmed a television piece talking about her battle with Malaria as part of Sports Relief 2014 which was shown tonight. In the video, Cheryl talks about catching Malaria herself and shows how many young children are still battling with the disease every day. Watch the video below and please donate anything you can to Sports Relief.

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